I’m back

August 6, 2013



Some famous frenchie quote

April 12, 2007

Listen to my words of wisdom. Well….actually I have none but I do have this. The famous frenchie quote “Carpe Diem!” It means….. well I don’t know what it means. But don’t worry you can always ask your pet penguin. Ok back to business. Well i don’t have any.So….

Until then talkto some frenchie!

From the one the only Mrpeakers


April 9, 2007

The Construction has started!


Something is going on at the HQ.

April 9, 2007

I think something is wrong at the HQ. Maybe it is just me but when the mission board is blank it either means they just have nothing to say or they are thinking really hard about something new. I don’t no but you can vote either say something is wrong or it is just nothing.

Until then I hope i’m right somethingiswrong.jpg


April 7, 2007

Ok this is the weirdest thing to ever happen in my town it snow today!!!! Its not sticking to the ground but its still snowing and I live in Texas!!!!!

P.S. it usually snows here in the winter but not the spring!!!

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The one the only Black Top 06!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clothing Catalog secrets

April 7, 2007

Ok. Is this thing on? hello? hello? ok good its working. If you click on the 3-d glasses you will get the blue cape for 500 coins!


And if you go to the kimono its backround has leaves. If you click the top right leave it will pull up the red viking helmet and if you press it 4 times it will pull up the blue viking helmet.We don’t think there is a yellow viking helmet so that kinda stinks. But if we find it we will post it.

Until then give us informationvikinghelmet.jpg

p.s no really give us information and give us comments it always brightens

Posted by the one the only Mrpeakers

Easter Egg Locations

April 6, 2007

Ok so i was right it was the bunny hat except it was blue…HAHAHAHA to Mrpeakers :p

Ok To the hidden locations…

egg11.jpg1 lighthouse(in painting)

egg2.jpg2 coffee shop(In Java machine)

egg3.jpg3 mine shack(in tube on top)

egg4.jpg4 pizza parlor(in light)

egg5.jpg5 cave(floating in window)

egg6.jpg6 Top of the gift shop (in present)

egg7.jpg7 boiller room (in drawer)

egg8.jpg8 Lighthouse Beacon (Telescope)